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Dress Code

 Owensmouth High School

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Dress Code

The Los Angeles Unified School District and Owensmouth High School believe that appropriate student dress contributes to a productive learning environment. In general, dress attire that disrupts the educational program and the health and safety of the school environment will not meet the standards of the dress code. The following are prohibited:

  • shirt wear with logos or trademarks of alcoholic beverages, suggestive messages, illustrations,(sexual, racial, drug, tobacco, weapons, or violent nature) or vulgar language.  
  • flip flops or any slip-on slippers that do not have well-secured back straps 
  • baggy pants with legs that are obviously oversized 
  • bottom where any type of undergarment is exposed  
  • articles of clothing, head gear, caps, hats  that can be interpreted as “gang” affiliated 
  • handkerchiefs of any color carried as a clothing accessory, worn on the head, or in the hair 
  • chains which dangle out of pockets, including pocket watches, wallet chains, interlocking links, etc. dog collars, spiked accessory, or anything that could be considered a safety hazard.